Why Emergent Leadership?

A society where a sustainable built environment is the norm represents a dramatic change in thinking and practice. But it is where we must go, and soon. Leadership to successfully foster this change can be learned and does not require celebrity status or title. It does, however, require inspiration, dedication,  leadership competencies, and knowledge. And it works best when built and applied in community context.


EMERGE LEADERSHIP MODEL: Leading Within Community for Positive Change

In 2011,  Kathleen O’Brien, nationally renowned sustainability expert and visionary,  founded the EMERGE Leadership Project, through which she introduced the EMERGE Leadership Model (ELM). ELM is a new easy-to-apply framework for building effective leadership capacity at the personal, organizational, and community levels, and is particularly suited  towards creating lasting positive change. Through training, mentoring, writing & speaking, and community building the EMERGE Leadership Project offers education, resources, and inspiration to green building professionals, business leaders, and community workers committed to a resilient, sustainable built environment and called to take a leadership role in achieving it. The primary vehicle to learn about ELM is the Emerge Leadership Workshop.